Text Box: No breakable electromechanical components; no relays, no ignition switch, no toggle switches
New, cold temperature resistant, Liquid Crystal Displays excellent viewing in the sunlight and are back lighted for working at night
Engineering, application, and consultant support during your implementation of Qualitech’s state of the art control systems and wireless remote control 
Other jetter manufacturers using Qualitech products: Sreco Flexible, Cam Spray, Jersey Jet, Plumbers Depot, Shamrock Pipe Tool, Lely.
Text Box: US Jetting Wireless Remote Control Jetter powered by Qualitech
Text Box: O’Brien Manufacturing Intel-A-Control Wireless Remote Control Jetter powered by Qualitech 
Text Box: www.qualitech.biz
Text Box: 25 Computer Drive East  Albany, NY 12205 
Text Box: Assembly Services
Text Box: Wireless range 3000 feet; 1000 feet through structures, buildings and basements. 
Wireless Repeater to extend range by 3X through structures and buildings. 
All high powered, military grade designed electronics with outputs protected never to fail.
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Digital Control Systems for Pumpers and Jetters