Pushbutton On/Off Motor Controls


Wireless Remote Motor Controls


Motor Speed Controls

12 and 24 Volt Speed Controls up to 1/2 h.p. Motors

Speed Control Offerings for 12 and 24 Volt PMDC (Permanent Magnet DC) motors.


12 and 24 Volt DC Heavy Duty Speed Controls

Speed Control Offerings for 12V and 24 Volt Motors requiring heavy duty, continuous duty

applications (hose/cable, winch, high pressure jetter reels, fuel trucks, etc.).


115 and 230 Volt Speed Controls

Speed Control Offerings for 115 and 230 Volt Motors.


115 and 230 Volt DC and AC Speed Controls

Hangar/Warehouse Controls with Reel Braking to hold up hose from Elevated Reels,

as high as 100 feet.


Engine and System Controls

Digital Control Systems for Pumpers and Jetters

Customized, state of the art control box for your diesel engine powered products.